September 14, 2020 NSW Watch News

Non-Stop Watches Origins

Non-Stop watches was founded by Mauricio Pier out of a desire to bring something new to a watch market that is saturated with low-quality, throwaway timepieces and expensive luxury brands. Pier is known for his custom design work at his namesake watch company, Pier & Lev where his passion for bold, clean designs inspired by classic cars has manifested in proven elegance and style.

Our team at Non-Stop believes in these design elements. Our mission is to create beautiful watches, add a new twist of classic style that stands out, and exceed the quality of more expensive competitors. But our watches stand for more than that. The elements behind Non-Stop are not simply about style. Embedded in each timepiece is a philosophy that simplicity is powerful; that perpetual motion is unparalleled in its meaning; and that bold ideas lead to noteworthy innovation.

Non-Stop believes in the power of great and thoughtful design. We invested years of planning and work into getting Non-Stop watches just right. Every element in a Non-Stop watch serves a specific and crucial purpose, working in harmony with all the other elements. This effort manifests in a beautiful watch that is not only stylish, but practical, durable and accurate. We are confident in our products and we will continue to innovate with new designs and collections in the months and years to come. See our initial collections and take advantage of our introductory offers at nonstopwatches.com

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