May 27, 2020 NSW Watch News

Are Automatic Watches Still Relevant?

Why wear a wristwatch in this time of digital devices that all display the time?
Here at Nonstop Watches we are familiar with this question. Any connoisseur of wristwatches has heard it before. In the modern era of digital devices with built-in clocks the question is all but expected from folks who have long since traded style for convenience.

But as any watch lover knows, the usefulness of a watch transcends practicality. Watches have style. They have substance. And that alone sets them apart from the ubiquitous ocean of plastic smartphones and tablets in everyone’s pockets and bags.

Our watches at Nonstop are weighty and sophisticated. They are subtle with their dark tones and clean lines, and yet these very characteristics catch the eye and stand out. When you wear a watch, you’re making a statement. You’re recognizing the onward march of time, and expressing that recognition to others. And that expression might make others take a step back, pause, and ponder all the ideas that a watch encompasses–movement, reliability, existence.

The flood of digital devices on the market is characterized by constant turnover. New devices are released and the old are thrown away. Our watches are built to last. They are timeless timepieces that remind people that products should have quality and substance, and that should be expected.

Watches were never just for telling the time. They carried a statement with them. Are watches still useful? We think so.

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