August 18, 2020 NSW Watch News

What is an Automatic Watch?

An Automatic watch, also known as a self-winding watch, is a mechanical watch in which the natural motion of the wearer provides energy to wind the Mainspring of the watch, making manual winding unnecessary. All Non-Stop Watches in our collections use an excellent automatic movement, the M-9015, which is extremely accurate, reliable and durable.

In a mechanical watch, as opposed to a battery-powered watch, the watch’s gears are turned by a spiral spring called the Mainspring. In a manual watch this spring must be tightened by hand, by winding the crown of the watch. The energy released as the Mainspring unwinds, powers the gears of the watch, until the spring is fully unwound, needing to be manually wound again.

In an Automatic watch, like all Non-Stop Watches, there is a mechanism in the movement, which winds the mainspring using the natural motion of the body – walking, moving your arms, simply shifting around in your seat – that moves a weight which winds the Mainspring constantly. In Non-Stop Watches, the M-9015 movement can store up to 40 hours of energy, so taking the watch off for a day or two will not cause the watch to stop.
If it is left longer than that the Mainspring will be fully unwound, but a simple shake of the watch will start it again.

Automatic watches are essentially perpetual motion machines and Non-Stop Watches are perfect for your non-stop life, keeping you on time, all of the time.