July 27, 2020 NSW Watch News

Non-Stop Watches launched!

The Non-Stop Watches team is delighted to announce that our new eCommerce site, nonstopwatches.com launched on August 1, 2020.
After fours years of development, design, planning and production our watches and accessories are available world wide.

A successful Kickstarter campaign that reached thousands was the impetus for us to move forward with full production, and we offer two superb collections – The Cushion (shown above) and the Circle, each with six different variants. We also offer several straps with quick release tabs, that allows you to transform your watch in seconds from sporty to sophisticated, simply by clipping on a different strap.

We are constantly developing new products and we will launch additional collections every few months.

All the watches are sold direct to the customer, bypassing the traditional and expensive distribution chain and are offered at the price of $1,800 several thousand dollars less than comparable, traditionally marketed automatic watches.

Our watches have a full two year warranty and shipping is free worldwide by FedEx.
Find us at nonstopwatches.com